Search tool

Search for brushes has been in Painter for several versions but I don't think has ever been improved...and it needs improvement.

Apparently search box only responds to current library (that is bad enough itself) but also only responds to certain searches such as brush characteristics established by Corel.

Search would be so much better for everyone if it indeed searched across libraries and incorporated category names and brush variant names. People name brushes in a descriptive manner but they are often still hard to find unless you have a fantastic memory for hundreds of brushes.

Computers are much smarter and faster for searching.

Certainly Corel could point any simple search engine to "program files" and "appdata" file paths for Painter (version in use) to search for any text string in addition to the special methods already available.

Even a simple quick pre-search index database file would be simple enough to search....probably some code available free, already written, at several coder websites...this is NOT inventing the wheel difficult.

So suggestion is for Corel to vastly improve the search box in Painter!!! and users would feel much more efficient.