Please improve the Eraser

I love this program a lot. But one thing is really bothered me is the ERASER in Corel Painter.

Eraser, as an essential tool for painting I'm shocked how few variations of eraser Corel Paiter has. it's 2020 most digital drawing software all support eraser share brush settings of all other brushes. Or you can just change brush color to transparent works as same as eraser. But in Corel Painter you CAN'T do either! You can use only those several very dull no texture no brush hair etc.erasers. I just want to use the eraser as same as my other brushes. Come on Corel Painter make your product greater by improving the ERASER.

  • hi,

    regarding the paper texture - you can use "dab stencil" property for classic eraser brushes in painter to add texture; no such option for stand-alone eraser tool. "dab stencil" looks slightly different from painter's classic paper rendering, to me it looks less pronounced and less crisp, which I dislike.

    Or you can just change brush color to transparent works as same as eraser

    that, and realtime sticky eraser shortcuts work like a dream in other apps. seeing painter lag behind so much in terms of sketching/erasing workflow feels pretty dire by now.

    You can use only those several very dull no texture no brush hair etc.erasers.

    "dynamic speckle" and "static bristle" dab types both support eraser brush method: you can actually create your own custom variants with a bristly look to them.

    good luck importing them to the next painter version though, given recent painter releases' tendency to break cross-version brush type support...

  • I think a lot of other apps have an 'eraser mode' whereas Painter has:

    1. An eraser tool

    2. Eraser 'brush variants'

    Indeed the tool is very basic 'out of the box' however in 2020 or newer it can be extensively customized...try this:

    a) select the eraser tool

    b) press ctrl/cmd+b, and in the general panel switch dab type from 'erase all' to 'circular'

    c) change the method to 'eraser'

    d) try some of the different sub-categories (experiment a bit, as they can be interesting)

    e) in the property bar, try some dab stencils as ipetcats suggests

    Alternatively, you can explore the eraser brush category, which may have some variants that you like. The limitation here it doesn't support the workflow of using either the shortcut key or flipping your wacom stylus...

    Lastly, again as ipetcats suggests you can make your own brush variant that erases...for example for a hair eraser you can try this:

    a) select the "Dynamic Speckles" category and choose "Real Bristle Soft Cover"

    b) in the general panel (ctrl/cmd+b) change the method to "eraser"

    c) in the property bar, there is a "dynamic speckle' button under the 'shape section'. Click that to open the flyout and bring the size down to a very low value (I was getting hair-like marks at ~8% size)

    If you end up liking your new variant, consider saving it as a new brush in the eraser category.

  • As Stephen wrote below there are many methods to customize the Eraser.  Then you can save it as a new Eraser Brush Variant.  So this will actually make it a brush variant.  In the past this would hinder my workflow speed a little because I like to use the shortcut keys to quickly switch between the Brush Tool and Eraser Tool to do a lot of quick sketching/erasing.  It used to be hard to switch quickly between two brush variants however (color applying brush variant to eraser brush variant) but recently they introduced the ability to switch between brush variants with a keyboard shortcut - look under the Brush Menu for "Select Previous Variant"

    If you go into Preferences, you can program this "Select Previous Variant" to a keyboard shortcut such as "X" (for "exchange") and then you can switch between a "color applying brush variant" to an "eraser brush variant" pretty quickly.  Or you can set this shortcut to your Wacom Pen.

    I think Painter's eraser is just a different animal.  I find there is a ton of customization you can do with erasers in this program but there is definitely a learning curve there.  There are actually many, many variations of the eraser (limited only by your imagination).