More Natural Media Brushes

One of the main reasons I upgraded to 2021, as well as one of the main reasons I use Corel in the first place instead of other software, is the program's unparalleled ability to simulate natural media. I love the brushes that do this and was thrilled to see a few new watercolor and thick paint brushes in 2021, but it seems like most of the time, when new brushes are released, they are mainly special effects for particleshop, like various glitters and whatnot. These are fun, but I'd love to see more of the kinds of brushes that make Corel so special! At the top of my list would probably be realistic marker brushes- I know Corel has marker brushes, but out of all the natural media brushes, they're the only ones that really feel disconnected from reality. I'd love to be able to create digital marker art in the same way I use markers on paper. However, expanding the selection of currently available natural media and creating other new ones would still be awesome.