mixing pad & saving my own colours

Mixing pad is a nice feature but falls short of mixing colours for real, and Painter 2021 has not improved this.

This has always fallen short of the real experience. What’s also unfortunate is how I can save the colours created from my own mix is clunky!!!

Currently, saving colours from my mixer pad means putting a number in a dialogue box that pops up. This always amuses me, as I have no control of the colours it saves. It would be helpful if there was a better way for me to save my colours / shades from the mixes I make easily rather than the clunky multi-step that just slows down creativity.

In Painter 2021 I really like the new colour features. I cheered when I saw the new harmony options, finally there was something that was related to colour that improved the creative process when I paint with Painter.

A further improvement would be how the mixer pad works, and making it less painful for me to save my own colours to my own colour sets.