Pen tool controls too small on high DPI displays

The pen tool is practically unusable on something like my 13.5" Surface Book 2 + Corel Painter 2022 (and and all past versions I presume). The reason being the curve controls and nodes are so tiny on those dense pixel displays that it's not possible to click on them (or touch them with a pen tip). It doesn't seem like this part of the application respects Windows' graphics scaling (I have mine at the OS recommended 200%) even though the painter UI in general does.

A laptop capable of running Painter 2022 effectively will likely be a high end one and high DPI screens are likely very common in this category of machine. As it is if I need to do some vector work I need to move the image to Photoshop or wait until I return to my desktop where I have a lower resolution monitor. It's ironic that I have to use older equipment to use a feature!