Easy switch between open docs/files

First I'll ask because I didn't find an answer searching www and P22 user guide....

Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between open files?

Yes, I know how to use window menu and mouse click select a different open file...but looking for a faster easier way to do so.

Assuming there is no keyboard shortcut now, no way to make one?, nor any other easier/faster method than menu select;

Here is my suggestion:

1. have a keyboard shortcut that will rotate thru each open file (like win alt+tab)


2. Have a keyboard shortcut that opens a small window list (bigger view than window menu list); we can click to switch view to a different file( that is already open, ready for use, but hidden).


3. any other easy method to switch between files; for example a documents tab view across top of app window (like Photoshop file tabs)