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I have just completed the current Painter survey but find new possibilities popping to mind since.

Firstly it would great if they fixed the Reset for Dabs as this was the big selling feature in this version.

Also the survey seemed very pointed about what users would accept if Corel moved to subscription. Apart from the fact many people  have abandoned Adobe for doing this with Photoshop, it doesn’t consider why users may not like this.

I, like most people, find monthly bills fall unevenly. You can have very heavy months when you wouldn’t like to have to find the subscription cost. There must be people also falling in and out of work, people who wait for a monetary gift for birthdays etc to get their update etc. like many I like to ‘own’ the thing outright as it gives me a sense of freedom and knowledge I can keep using it until the PC specs  can no longer handle it. I am also not using it for work where an employer may pay or it be used as a tax deduction. I’m sure others can add to that list.

Anyway some feature ideas that had drifted to mind:

Liquid ink that runs like ink and bleeds into other ink.

Metallic inks that don’t require you to require Plugins, gradients or after effects, but just come as a paint option ( though with ability to change colour)

Watercolour that doesn’t have artificial granulation as it disperses.

Some FX like tools that push aside paint like alcohol inks actually do ( rather than just emulating a final result as existing brushes do) or displace ink in different ways ( eg like a lightning streak zigzagging through)

More attention to antialiasing like the great progress Escape Motions are making with papers in that regard.

Improved multiple colour selection so they don’t come through striped like toothpaste.

More attention to Pattern pens so they don’t turn corners as a curved ribbon, but rather move more like paint would ( eg overlap, blend etc)

Ability to get a chisel effect when cutting through thick paint eg choice of v-cut or rounded as would with link cut ot carving wood.

Ability to select an area and then stamp it in many other places ( ie cloning) in the one image ( perhaps also rotating if wished as needed) - without cutting and pasting multiple times.

Others may have other dreams and fantasies to add. It has been my observation that pretty much all digital art programs have hit a creative wall, and seem to be trying to fix things they already have, rather than create something new. As someone who really likes possibilities, I’d love to see someone push some creative limits