New brush feature suggestion

While Painter, in my mind, far exceeds Photoshop for painting,

Photoshop does have some features that are better and could be applied in Painter to expand Painter capabilities.

SO my suggestion is for Corel developers to go here:

and glean good ideas to implement new Painter brush capabilities regarding:

- pattern brushes and dabs etc.

- color sampling from images at various sizes

- color mixing/blending within a brush

- importing some brush settings from Ps (not just the dabs)

- brush setting features that are in Ps but not in Painter (do a side by side comparison to see what Ps has that Painter does not have)

- color sampler images (in a palette) available like color swatches or gradient panels

- expand how to use Painter for illustrations

- additional brushes/patterns/textures that making painting animals, portraits, plants, and landscapes easier/more normal

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  • In addition, Photoshop has a pattern brush setting "impressionist" (checkbox) that seems to make a pattern brush paint the colors from the pattern (mixed/blended) instead of painting the actual pattern...this would be a very useful addition to Painter...

    Maybe not just for pattern brushes but any brush that makes use of pattern (or a choice of clone source such as pattern, texture, image, gradient or allows for multiple colors on the brush) that could use the colors from the source; like a multi-color brush, using various size selections in the color mixer panel, using the sample multiple colors tool. 

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