Make Painter Work on Recent Surface Devices

The MS Surface devices are premium computers perfect for creativity uses. Corel Painter 2022 is not usable on a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 (SP8). This "suggestion" is to make Painter work on Surface. This means addressing the following bugs that make Painter unusable on recent (i.e., last 3 years) Surface machines:

  1. There is no pen pressure sensitivity using either the MS Slim Pen 2 or the original Surface Pen when the pen is using WinTab settings. When using RTS settings there is pen pressure sensitivity, but the brush strokes are broken to the degree that it's unusable. Upgrading to Painter 2023 does not solve this problem.

  2. The UI does not show state changes. Some examples:
    • The toolbox does not highlight which tool is selected. The tool itself is selected because it works on the canvas, but there's no indicator in the toolbox that the tool is selected.
    • Same behaviour with the property bar for any icon that can be clicked. For example, select the brush and try and switch between freehand and straight line stroke modes. The icon stays on the freehand mode even in straight line mode.
    • The triangle portion of the color wheel in the full view color panel does not update. Selecting a color should update the triangle, but it stays locked in one color (blue in testing case). Curiously, the Toggle Color Selector [wheel] (e.g., Ctrl+Alt+1) does seem to update.
    • The mixer panel doesn't update when painted upon.

Other tests:

  • Attaching a Wacom Intuos Pro to the SP8 and using the WinTab settings provides full pen pressure sensitivity. However, the UI defects remain present.
  • UI defects remained when using an external monitor as the only display (disabled SP8 display) and Wacom tablet. Idea was to see if there was something about the SP8 display  itself causing the UI defects.

Suspect that the above class of problems are affecting other late model Surface machines as described in this thread about the Surface Laptop Studio and the Surface Pro 7. I last managed to get Corel Painter 2022 working fine on a Surface Book 2, but that machine was released in 2017.

If you own a Surface device and have encountered these (or other issues) please reply to this thread to upvote it!