Locking Palettes

I typed this before on a different computer and lost the original message, so here it is again.

I would like to see the ability to lock the position of colors in the color palette.  I use a palette that is based on Markers and they are in rows of color (greens, grays, blues etc.) and levels of saturation so that when I start with a light color the swatches further up are more satuarated.  I have three Wacom tablets, including my new 24HD, and the problem of selecting a color and often have it move positions is frustrating.  The clicking on a color often takes more than one stab and in a quick movement to work fluidly the color is often not selected on the first stab and I have to return to the palette for another try.  To compund this, in a flurry of activity, the color swatch moves.  Not a big deal in itself but it should be that when you reach for a tool (color) it should be where you last placed it.  It's sort of like typing a letter and every few minutes the keys switch positions and you end up playing Whack-a-Mole.

In addition, the arranging of swatches is much improved but is still clumsy.  You should be able to drag swatches around and place them as you would buckets of paint on the floor.  That is, move them all to one side then create configurations for your work flow, get rid of unwanted swatches, and be able to lock everything in place.  Then make the palette any size you want WITHOUT disturbing your well thought out arrangment.

I mentioned  a simlar problem to the people at Phi on their layout grid and how it was selected when that was not the intention. He thought is was such a good idea that he had a fix in two days.