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I would love better animation support, I hope Painter gets it. There's a huge gap in the market for decent animation software. Most animation works I know of have been created by in-house tools.

I would llike to get my feet wet with animation, I know nothing about animation, but I would love to get started.

 The fact Painter sort of ignores animation in Painter is the reason I haven't started with it, I feel insecure using it since if there's no support for it, I am affraid I will learn something that will not have long term support. I hope they focus a little bit more on animation.

  • Since Painter is not about Vectors and FX, i ask myself what else could be implemented than a timeline solely.

    Sweedie said:

    to make it worth paying for, or else remove it and lower the pricing of Painter.

    Really? Its already worth its pricing, even more when there are massive discounts.

    Sweedie said:
    • Photosshop CC (bundled with Darkroom 5) cost me 20 USD per month.  I get a photo management, photoediting, basic video editing, animating, illustratioting and painting combo for 120 USD per year. TV Paint is right now about 680 USD and it has almost as good organic looking tools as Painter. Painter is right now here in Sweden about 620 USD. 

    Many people and photographers will never be happy with the cloud-strategy of Adobe, and you cant compare the abonnement pricing with a retail product at all. Photoshop is not anymore for everyone. I hope Painter will stay ike it is in the future.

  • Sweedie said:
    You pay, right now, 10 USD per month for both Photoshop CC and Darkroom5 in Creative Cloud.

    Just to be clear - this is the price for existing Photoshop owners (CS3 and above). But otherwise, yes it's a good deal.


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    Things happens all the time. Since you wrote this 5 years ago there has been a lot of things happening on the 2D animation software front. Not only TV Paint and Photoshop got it, Krita got it, Clip Studio got it, Sketchbook Pro got it, Open Toonz got it as well as Toonz got it, RoughAnimator got it, Pencil 2D got it and soon Animation Paper got it (and some moore)...