Painter 2019 Update 1 is now available plus Painter's Brush Search is fixed with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update!

What's included in the Painter Update?

Support for macOS Mojave (10.14)

  • The following theme-related issues have been addressed:
    • The background of the Welcome screen, About box, and registration confirmation page now looks as expected.
  • macOS Mojave security features require that you set permissions for applications accessing your microphone. Now when you launch the application, you will be prompted to allow Audio Expression brushes to access the microphone.

Application Fixes

  • Corel Painter no longer stops responding when you follow these steps: Hold down Shift and drag a brush variant to create a custom palette, convert the palette to a palette drawer, collapse the palette drawer, close and relaunch the application, press Shift and drag a brush to create another custom palette or drag a custom brush to an existing palette drawer.
  • The Real Soft Eraser and Real Hard Eraser brush variants now function as expected.
  • (macOS) The default flow map is now "Clouds".
  • The cursor icon that appears when the Mix Color tool is selected in the Mixer panel has been redesigned for improved usability.
  • (macOS with Intel AVX2 support) Corel Painter no longer stops responding when you create a document, add a layer, then using the spacebar and Option key, quickly rotate the document in different directions, and then try to zoom or pan.
  • Painter 2019 now works as expected on a multicore computer.

If you experience any issues after installing this update, we recommend that you reset your workspace to ensure that all of the new features appear correctly. You can reset your workspace by holding down the Shift key when starting the application. A dialog box appears to confirm the restoration of the factory default settings.


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