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Painter 2021 has arrived!

First of all, we would like to thank all of you that were part of our beta and helped us to reach this exciting day with your valuable feedback. 

Our hope is that those of you that have not tried 2021 yet will take the time to run the 15-day trial that you can download here:  

There are many highlights, but the enhanced performance will make your brushes sing. Be sure to run your Brush Accelerator to take advantage of the GPU, CPU and memory improvements!

There are 12 new artificial intelligence styles that will streamline the creation of art from any type of source imagery. Try running them on photos, illustrations, paintings, brush strokes and more. You can even apply styles on top of one another for unique results.

The new Thick Paint brushes and layer painting options open up a world of mixed media possibilities. It is so much fun to add a custom amount of depth, and to mix Thick Paint with other media types. Don’t forget that you can lift the canvas to a Thick Paint or a Watercolor layer and paint away as well.

And then there is Clone Tinting, whether you want to colorize a B&W image or change colors on the fly these brushes do an amazingly realistic job.

There is even more to enjoy in 2021 and we cannot wait to hear what you think!

Thanks for your thoughts in advance.

Tanya and the Painter team