Do you paint on Microsoft Windows?


Greetings all.

Our parnerships with Apple, Wacom and Microsoft requires us to share some specifics about our users and their use of select technologies. At this point, I am looking to provide Microsoft with two Corel Painter users that use the Windows operating system. All that is required is a short survey needs to be filled in - nothing too personal! A Microsoft rep may reach out and contact you with a followup question or two.


Andy Church

Painter Product Manager 

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  • Hi Andy,

    I'm a Windows user, since before there was Windows. DOS is where I learned Microsoft Word and AutoDesk's AutoCAD. Have been using Windows ever since about 1989 and now use both WinXP on my desktop and Windows 7 64 bit on my laptop.

    As long as the Microsoft rep can be identified by name through you, I'm more than willing. Just don't plan to answer anyone who calls me "out of the blue". I get way too many of those calls with vague caller ID's like "California Call" or "Toll Free Call", or any number of others, some legit, some not legit.