Photo Painter 4 not working

 Hi I recently purchased Corel Photo Shop 3x Pro and it came with Photo Painter Essentials 4. I can not get the program to start. I constantly get an error The application Encountered an error and must close.


I also purchased painter Essentials 4.0 and it will not work either.  I already had the Color Profiles file on my Computer so thats not the problem.


I have Windows 7 Ultimate  64 bit


Please help me

I spent the money and it should work!!





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  • Hello, maybe Corel Photo Shop 3x Pro software not working on the system due to various reason like using of various software at the same time, malware or virus issue, the presence of corrupted files. To solve the issues use the method of Uninstall And Reinstall software. After that restart the system and scan the system. Follow the steps:-

    1. Click on the Windows key
    2. Search for the control panel.
    3. Type control panel.
    4. Now, Select Programs you want to uninstall.
    5. Click Uninstall.
    6. Restart the PC and install the software again.

    In case, if it doesn't work then visit Program not Responding fo the more solution which helps you to solve the issue.

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