hope i am psting this in the right spot.  this is my first time  in the discussion area.


perhaps we could add our first name in the subject  space... in with the title...

 i often open something i've already respoded to a few days before.

 it might help us to remember if we have title and artist visible.....i believe it would help me...thanks

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  • This is a forum for both suggestions to the PE4 team, and for those who run Essentials Cafe...when you click on a particular forum where you see the list of messages you'll see a description for each forum...the description for this one is:


    "Post your suggestions for future releases or things you'd like to see on the Essentials Cafe website."


    For instance this would be the suggestion I would make, "Essentials Cafe" should add the name of the thread starter to the list of posts shown when you click on a forum.  It helps when trying to locate posts started by a particular person, rather than having just the name of the person who replied last.

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