URGENT HELP - Windows 10 - Setup Essentials fails

I re-installed Windows 10 (Refresh PC) and now I cannot get past the installer windows.

This happens with PaintShop Pro, Essentials 5, and all trial versions.

See screenshot.

I really need help how to fix the problem please.

  • I've gotten the fastest replies from Corel Support and Learning on Facebook- go to their page and click Message and send the above info with your screenshot. https://www.facebook.com/corelsupportlearning

    Your trial versions can be stuck because they identify your computer info as having been already installed and won't install again. For full paid software versions there seems to be some installer issues on Windows 10- if you look through this thread there are some tips- while for Painter 2016 PE5 is built on it's base code and installer- http://painterfactory.com/painter_product_discussion/f/53/t/24809
    "After a lot of playing around I believe I have figured it out enough to get the program installed. When the screen freezes I pressed the Tab key and it seemed to move through the screens. The graphics or images on all of the install screens were messed up, but I was able to understand it enough to get the program installed. It does appear to run fine, however the popup screen that comes up when you first open Painter has the same issues with the images. There are obviously some issues with the installed and not liking Windows"

    For Paint Shop Pro try posting your issue in their forum and see if someone will help you there- http://forum.corel.com/EN/viewforum.php?f=56
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