how to color on existing lines?

I know for other digital painting software, there's a way to 'cut' ,I think,a layer... so that you can only draw on existing lines.

For example, if the outline of a drawing is black, then your able to color on the outline and outline only.

Is that possible on corel painter essentials 5?

  • Kinda doubt it.

    In the regular version of Painter you can click on Preserve transparency, you can do Select > Layer content and you can create blend layers to adjust color.

    I'm not sure, but I don't think Painter Essentials can do any of those things.

  • What Gan said - but try holding down Cmd/Control and clicking in a layer window to see if that selects the content. That's a Painter shortcut and sometimes the shortcut works in Essentials even if there is nothing in the menu for it.

    I don't have Essentials to check it myself.
  • in case other suggestions fail, you can download fire alpaca, a freeware painting application,
    that features "clipping" - a function that neither painter 2017 (and prior versions), nor painter reductives 5 have implemented.

    it allows you to paint on a layer above your line-art with whatever color you want in a non-destructive way, and the colors will be clipped to the area of the underlying line-art layer only; it also has support for .psd file format, so you can transfer your artwork across the two packages.

    hope this helps!