What is that white square

Hi all,

Let me start by saying I'm not a painter, and that I'm dabbling in Painter 11 watercolors.

As I was trying to paint I discovered whenever I tried to paint in what I'm calling the FACE layer, I am unable to paint in the white square. The marks you see were just me trying to find the limits of the area.

Can anyone tell me what's going on here? I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

  • Seems to be a layer type issue-Digital Watercolor brushes use a layer that you can use other brushes on- the other Watercolor brush category uses a special watercolor layer that you can only use those brushes on unless converted.  Suggest reading the Help section.

  • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks to me like a rendering issue that the watercolors sometimes have in Painter, which I reported as a bug a couple years ago and probably got ignored like some of the other bugs I reported. Some of the watercolor types in Painter appear to be rendered in 'cells' which are square, and for whatever reason when it glitches out, sometimes these cells fail to be rendered and as a result you can't paint back over them either. Back when I reported this issue I had figured out a way to force it to happen, but I don't think I ever came up with a way to fix it once it did, short of just creating a new watercolor layer and not painting on the bugged one.

    I've also been told by Corel that their Painter team 'watches these forums like a hawk' but does not reply, so if there really are any hawks out there, can we get some attention to this issue?

  • And to show I'm not just making things up, I went back and looked at the email I sent to Corel back in 2016, where I submitted three different bug reports for the watercolors with very detailed steps on how to reproduce three separate issues, one of which could cause you to lose data in your paniting if you saved it. As far as I know they didn't fix any of them, but here's a video capture I just made of Painter 2018 doing the exact same reproducible thing with the white squares:


    And here are the exact steps I emailed them in 2016 about it:

    "1. Make a new document.
    2. Select Grainy Wash Bristle from the "Watercolor" category (Painter 2016 brush library).
    3. Make a mark with the brush.
    4. After it has diffused, open the Advanced Brush Controls. Set Wetness to 0% on the "Water" palette.
    5. Go to Layers > select "Wet Entire Watercolor Layer".
    6. Now select Real Wet Brush 2 from the "Real Watercolor" category.
    7. Mark a mark that goes over the top of the other mark.
    8. You will then see white, blocky graphics glitches in the diffusion cells after making this mark.
    9. If you now undo the mark (ctrl+z), everything disappears.

    This bug is triggered when you select "Wet Entire Watercolor Layer" with the brush's wetness at 0%. It's the 0% wetness specifically that starts the glitch. It then manifests in the diffusion interaction between a regular "Watercolor" brush and a "Real Watercolor" brush. These are very specific conditions, but I've somehow gotten similar errors to happen when just painting normally with these two brush categories."

  • Thanks to everyone for their input. This must certainly have been cathartic. I'm very interested in watercolor painting so I will lol into Rabelle Qwerty. Thanks again.