What is that white square

Hi all,

Let me start by saying I'm not a painter, and that I'm dabbling in Painter 11 watercolors.

As I was trying to paint I discovered whenever I tried to paint in what I'm calling the FACE layer, I am unable to paint in the white square. The marks you see were just me trying to find the limits of the area.

Can anyone tell me what's going on here? I'm stumped.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

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  •  oh, definitely. your choice of alternatives will depend on what you mostly use painter for; I personally combine artrage and clip studio paint pro, however, you can throw in paintstorm studio and all three still will cost less than a painter upgrade.

    I'm always keeping tabs on paintstorm development, but performance wise, clip studio paint provides a much more satisfying experience, and it's very difficult to come back to a package that starts lagging when working on print-resolution files. it's miles ahead of current painter releases, through.

    on windows, you also have paint tool sai with a beautiful blending engine that other packages can't honestly even compare to, but it's a very minimalistic package, and there's no support for mac os.

    there are some aspects that corel have improved in painter recently, sure - however, I can not honestly take them seriously because most of recent improvements ca. painter 2016 - 2018 should have been done by the time painter 11 hit the market. they abused the privilege of being the only major painting simulation tool on the market for far too long, and when suddenly better alternatives have started filling in the same niche, all the reductive baggage, all the mismanagement, all the neglected performance and poor response to user feedback have became explicitly obvious.

    painter's update policy is something else entirely; we are in the age of apps that get consecutive bug-fixes and minor updates within weeks, days sometimes; however, corel still thinks that forcing users to pay for bug-fixes is a smart and ethical choice that can never hurt their customer loyalty even hypothetically.