Problem with Wacom Intuos Pro and PE6

I have connected my new Wacom Intuos Pro to pc, and its working fine, but when I open Corel PE6 the stylus pointer on screen defaults to the close program x It will not move anywhere else on screen. I have tried reinstalling Wacom drivers and they are up to date, and have reset PE6 but still defaulting to the close programme X I have Corel Painter 19 on my PC and it works just fine with that. I have recently had a refund on Painter 19, as I am a newbie, I was using PE6 with brush packs that I had purchased, when the pop up asking me to upgrade to P19 came up, I decided to uggrade, but didn't realise that my PE 6 brush packs wouldn't work with P19. I had paid a considerable amount for the packs I wasn't too happy, so Corel refunded me for P19, as I wanted to carry on with PE6 which I find fits my needs better for now. I had been using a Bamboo with PE6 prior to me buying an Intuos Pro, and it worked okay, and it still does. So I think its a conflict with PE6 and Intuos Pro. Anybody else have a problem with Intuos Pro tablet with PE6?

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  • I don't have either PE6 or Intuous Pro- only Intuous 3 and PE4 and Painter 2017.  However, all I can think of is to check PE6 Preferences for Tablet and see what is selected.  You could also do a clean install of PE6 if your Wacom is working properly in other programs.  Few people have had Wacom problems after the last Windows 10 update too.  Lastly, try an older Wacom driver.