Printing Painted Photos?

I am a fairly new user of Painter Essentials (4) . . . a true novice to the software.  But, I now finally have created several paintings with which I am satisfied.

BUT, I cannot them to print in an acceptable (to me) quality? 

Here's the issue.  I have carefully "stopped" the auto-painting so "smeary round brush strokes" remain obvious.  (Then I clean up slightly using the cloner and by hand-painting.)

When I print, however, most of the brush stroke detail dissappears.  This should not be a printer issue, as I have an Epson R2880 (large format photo printer, 13"X19" + roll fed, with super-high photo printing resolution).

At first I thought my problem was that I was "painting" art sized to 13"X19", and then letting the printing driver "downsize" to print in smaller sizes?  So I tested by resizing the art to the correct size (printed output size I desired) before printing.  Still no brush stroke detail.  Next, I tried adjusting the artwork file DPI resolution to higher and lower levels, while leaving the artwork image size the same.  Still no result.  Finally, I have experimented with various printer software output settings, from "medium" on the Epson R2880 at 720dpi, to the highest printer output resolution in the R2880 (which is something like 1700X2000dpi, I think).

So I am stumped, and frustrated.  I anticipate the problem is me, and not the Painter Essentials 4 software OR the Epson R2880 printer.

Can any of you "pros" with Painter Essentials give me any tips or suggestions about how I might solve this problem?  Are there any tutorials about this printing issue?

I will certainly appreciate anything you might suggest.

In advance, thank you very much for anything you can offer.













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  • All I have done is resize my Canvas in PE4, making sure the ppi is set to 150 at least for good detail.  Then save as jpeg with excellent quality chosen.  Have not tried printing riff.  Others may have more experience printing, and the Painter Factory Forum has quite a few posts that should apply to printing in PE4 as well.

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