The Joy of Painting and Happy Little Trees...

Hi all,

Partial disclosure... I am not an artist... have never taken any art related courses nor have I any real Painter experience.  So, moving right along... I was recently introduced to a collection of Bob Ross "The Joy of Painting" videos on YouTube (and  I have sat in complete wonder over the past week listening to Bob's soothing voice, watch him transform blank canvasses into amazing works of art in under 30 min.  What I really like about his videos... is that in Season 1, Episode one, he goes over all of the brush's and colors that he uses in all of his videos.  They never change...

So, this got me thinking about how I'd like to give it a try... but this being the digital age, what I thought I might do is try to take what Bob is showing me and re-create/follow along in Painter.  On top of that, If I can figure out/find comparable brush's and paint colors... I would like to "Live Stream" the process on Twitch while Bob's video is playing in a small window in the corner.  Again, this all depends on how easy it is to transition from real media techniques to digital media techniques go  I'm not even sure the same concepts apply... but I'm willing to give it a shot.

I'm wondering what the communities thoughts are on what challenges I might face in this little project?  Is it too much to expect to be able to take instructions from a Bob Ross video and apply it to Painter?  Let me know what you think even if you think this is a stupid waste of time! :p



  • Corel Painter Master Aaron Rutten has created some great tutorials on how to paint like Bob Ross using the wet-on-wet technique. I have looked into this myself to try to follow along with Bob. Take a look. I hope it helps:
  • Well it's now February of 2017, more than a year since you first informed us of your desire to follow along with Bob Ross videos using Corel Painter.

    Were you successful?

    I think it is a great ideal, what you propose. If you were successful, I would be interested in knowing how it went, what difficulties you experienced, is your project available on-line for viewing (on YouTube perhaps).