Chesapeake Bay Bridge

 I've decided to do a greeting card series from my Chesapeake Bay photos so I'm painting them all with the same settings, or as close as I can remember lol. Wet on wet watercolor, simple water brush, random strokes set to size bearing modulate, second layer pen and ink drawing at about 40% opacity with some erasing of lines, paper texture added.

  •  a beauty - a shame though that hard edge is there on the right had extreme border, in exactly the same place where you used salt on a previous work, those pesky borders supplied with the program need some work.

  • I'll have to go fix that, funny thing is I erased those lines and they didn't show up until posted here, they also don't show up in a print. I did use the salt on all three paintings, but I can see I need to use a little more on this one if that is even possible at this point.