a pipers reward

 This is my tribute to the men of the 51st highland brigade,it was originally a photograph of a statue in perth  scotland.It shows a little french girl welcoming and thanking her liberator during the second war.Regards Wardy

  •  and a fine tribute it is to a glorious regiment - how far is this from the palace at scone? I know we borrowed the stone for quite a while here in the UK, but why did it go back to Edinburgh, I would agree that scone was the right place.

  •  Hi Wardy,

    What a fantastic statue, I can see why you wanted to paint it.  Thanks for showing us this one.

    You know as a variation I would love to see the statue colourised in a bronze colour to allow it to stand out from the background.  But I don't where you stand with editing programmes to do this.

  •  Hi Tolouse,Scone palace lies on the outskirts of Perth roughly three miles I think.Now why did the stone go back to our second city Edinburgh,It was probably better to leave it in England than send it there.Regards Wardy

  •  Thanks for your comments Dianne ,as always deeply appreciated.I would have to admit my skills editing programmes and using layers and some of the more difficult  effects are still pretty limited ,but I will give what you suggest a try.Please feel free to copy the Image and use it .Regards Wardy