Little Big Apple Story, Part 5

All illustrations for this story were developed in vector software and painted in Essentials.

PART 5, A season of change

Sometimes it is hard to let go of hope. In the months following the loss of Bobble, I monitored local media that ran ads for lost and found pets. Most were dog and cat related. But one listing was for a parakeet. The budgie was found inside a garage in Queens. Its color was green. This ad said the bird could speak the following, "___ is a pretty bird." By properly completing the sentence, the real owner would be identified.

The months flew by. Spring had come and gone. Summer was history, and now fall was overtaking the city. Autumn in New York could be spectacular when Central Park was ablaze in a glory of turning leaves. Even city dwellers seemed friendlier with a hint of a change in the air.

The park was a hub of activity. In high pedestrian areas dozens of street performers offered free entertainment. On weekends, the park attracted bicyclist from all over Manhattan. They were rolling everywhere both inside and outside the park. But it was the ponds and lakes that held a special appeal. These were mostly in wooded areas. This natural landscape centered within the city made one forget concrete and skyscrapers, at least for a while.

One Sunday afternoon a bike ride was on the agenda until a flat tire altered my plans. I walked to the park instead. Dee was not with me; we were no longer a couple. She had returned to her home in upstate New York.

"Living in the city was too big a hassle," she had said. That was a truthful feeling she had, but it was not her reason for leaving New York. Dee had talked about having a studio back in her hometown. Teaching art was a dream she had shared. These plans Dee had wrapped in a growing desire to settle down with a family of her own.

As for me, that was miles from being on my radar with school and all. We talked a few times after she moved, but it was clear the relationship had run its course, that our lives would head in different directions. Soon, we lost contact. My regret is Dee never learned what happened next in the little Big Apple story.

On the sidewalk beside the park, an incredible event...(The substance of things hoped for..., cont. in Part 6)