Concept Sketch Tools

I was searching for quick and easy concept art tools to my likings in Painter 2016 and could not find it. I wanted something like a Copic Marker, a rough pen and a sketch pencil. So I made myself the tools I needed. One marker, one pen and one pencil. This is how the marker works: it is transparent, just like a Copic marker is. It adds tones for each stroke, but only a subtle tone so you can bild up the tone slowly, from light to dark. It is textured to make the paper grain visible. It is pressure sensitive for more or less transparency and you can also tilt it for a broader line or thinner line. All tools works on the same layer, on the cancas here, just like when you work with Copics, pens or pencils on paper. And that is what I like for sketching my concepts; as easy and quick as possible, without any need for layers or a lot of brushes. This is how it looks:

If you like to try these tools you can download a BOX file here. You get the ones in the picture above. If it is of any use for you, please tell...

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