Watercolor brush like this....

I want to know ...Which watercolor brush in Coral Painter can do like this? How to setup my brush? Please see an image in this post....Thanks. (Image from Khrystyna Khristianova blog)

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  • Hi Redwater,

    I found I could get pretty close to this look and feel by doing this...

    1. Switch the library to the "Natural Media brushes" (this is found in the Brush Selector flyout, under 'brush library')

    2. In the "Paint-Watercolor" cateogry select the "Wet round" brush

    3. Select the "Rough Watercolor" paper

    There are some other nice watercolor brushes in here like "Wet Detail" that may also help get the result you are looking for. Ensure you are using a tablet, and that the stylus is responding well with pressure! If you want to fine tune the stylus' response, you can do so via Preferences > Brush Tracking...

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