Watercolor layers transparency

Hello everyone, 

I'm new here and to Corel Painter. I'm not sure if I'm in the right place to ask my question but I'm hoping someone can help me. 

I have Corel Painter 2020 and I'm trying to save a watercolor layer with spatter brush strokes and other watercolor brush strokes. 

It looks great on my screen with transparency (example spatter paint.). When I save to PSD or PNG which should have transparency the saved brush strokes have an awful white border around them looking like they were converted to JPEG or raster strokes. While the rest of the layer all around the brush stroke is transparent. 

Is this normal or a glitch? There are other fancy brush strokes all save with the same transparency just how it looks on my screen. 

I hope I'm explaining this right I'd like to keep the look of the transparency behind all the strokes like it looks on my screen. I have the canvas layer hidden when saving also. 

Thank you for any help.