Zooming, panning, etc, with Painter 2019 + iPad Pro (via Sidecar)

Hi everyone,

I just started using Painter 2019 with an iPad Pro through the Sidecar feature, and it’s close to the perfect combination for me.

However! Painter can’t use gestures to zoom, pan, rotate, or drag the canvas, so I need to keep one arm stretched towards the macbook’s keyboard to do these shortcuts, which isn’t comfortable at all.

Photoshop works with the usual pinching and dragging gestures, but I don’t want to use PS, especially because of the subscription system (and prefer Painter anyway).

Do you know of any way to either:

  • make the pinching and dragging gestures work with Corel as they do elsewhere on iPad?
  • Or use sidecar’s sidebar to perform these shortcuts? The sidebar only has Command, Option, Control, and Shift. It has a keyboard, however that keyboard doesn’t work for shortcuts (and all the ones I mentioned need the spacebar). Unfortunately, Corel’s key customization doesn’t give me the option for pan, zoom, drag, or rotate freely, otherwise I’d change those shortcuts to use the sidebar keys.

Please tell me there’s a solution I’m missing! Thank you very much.

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