I need a way to manually tilt and rotate the brush with dedicated keys that I can assign.

The tablet I have doesn't support tilt. I saw some method to do it manually, but it did not work correctly or the way I needed it to work. If you are willing to give me a detailed guide as to how to truly make it work I am willing to listen. However, when tried, it did not meet my goals on what I was trying to accomplish. 

I need dedicated buttons for something like this and maybe more I haven't thought of. They do not have to be assigned, they just need to exist in the key binding area. 


Rotate Brush Left

Rotate Brush Right

TILTING BRUSH (any combination of 2 will tilt it up + left or down + left, etc.) 

Tilt brush left 

Tilt Brush Right 

Tilt Brush Up

Tilt Brush Down

Or you can consolidate it to a 


Rotate + Tilt key activator

Where I press and hold an assigned key to activate the ability to move the mouse in the desired direction for the tilt and use the mouse wheel to rotate left or right. 

Like I said I tried the current method, which I don't remember, because it didn't work as intended in my opinion. 

I want this to be available for all brushes. 

Truth be told, I don't need the tilt. I just need simple rotation of the brush. Just TURNING IT. Not some complex thing you currently have that doesn't work as I need it to. 

I want to be able to hit one key and use the mouse wheel to rotate the brush left or right. If I keep rotating the mouse wheel it will make a full 360 rotation of the brush. 

Why has this not been added? or has it? 

  • Hi Paintcionyx,

    I did a little looking around in Painter 23, here is the help article that lists the types of keyboard shortcuts available for brushes:


    So it looks like you can use keystrokes to change size and opacity but so far I can't see anything for angle/rotation.

    So far I can only see one other option (perhaps this is the one you already tried that did not suit your workflow) but I figured I'd mention it just in case:

    Go to the menu and choose Window > Brush Control Panels > Mouse. In this panel there are sliders to manually adjust Tilt and rotation.

    Adjust the sliders in the panel. Note that if you hold Ctrl while draging the slider it will use a 'precision mode' so you can more easily make small (i.e. 1%) changes to the slider values. Unfortunately you will not be able to both adjust the sliders AND paint at the same time

    Here's a question about your workflow: is it mostly to make the brush rotate? If so, have you considered trying the 'direction' expression? In many cases, this feature does a good job provided rotation control when your input device lacks tilt or rotation. For example here are some steps:

    1. Select Pens > Flat Color

    2. Go Menu > Window > Brush Control Panels > Brush Shape > Angle

    3. Set Squeeze to 50%

    4. Set "Ang Step" to 3%

    5. Set "Ang Range" to 360 degrees

    6. Set Expression to "Direction"

    The above steps should make it far easier to rotate the vast majority of brushes in Painter (i.e. those that use circular or captured dabs)

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