Finding lost palettes and Toolbox

I had to find my missing Toolbox recently which was located somewhere off screen and I remembered this tip from Tom De Vis. I thought it a good idea to put it here - for me if I ever need it again - and for anyone else who can't find an open palette but doesn't want to reset.

What you need to do on a pc when a palette is showing outside of your screen is:

1. make sure the palette is closed (via the window drop down menu)

2. open it via the window drop down menu

3. don't click or press anything after and just press "ALT + SPACE"

4. then press "M"

5. press "ARROW_KEY" (any will do

6. now you can move your mouse and the palette will be follow the cursor. (you can also use the arrow keys to move)


This is however a windows based trick and would not work on mac.