I'm new to Painter but old to Photoshop.

I just want to convert my photos into oil paintings which seems like a simple thing but I just can't do it.

Quick clone, autopaint and retouch...

I am really stuggling despite watching webinars and buying a course and following it...

Today I find my image suddenly reverting to a previous version despite saving my file - and also I can't crop a riff file without getting a wierd distorted image.

I also worry this software has bugs.

I would be so grateful to anyone who can help.  I need to ask questions so talking on the phone/teamviewer etc etc

Any suggestions please! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  • Hi Painter is great to use for this type of photo restoration.  I’d be happy to help you, if you contact me through my website We can work through the problems your experiencing.  I have several options, from my YouTube channel to my critique group & would be happy to use team viewer or other methods to get you on your way to restoring your old photos. I’m the newest artist to become a Corel Painter Master team.