Painter Mobile still crashing on Cintiq Hybrid.

Has Corel ever come up with a solution for this? Why pay for the program if it is rendered useless?

Is there no interest in fixing because my Hybrid is the first generation model?

As a paid owner of the Mac software, I am very, very disappointed. I would prefer to move back and forth between the desktop and mobile versions of Painter. Now I am forced to use Autodesk's software on my tablet. It, at least, is reliable.

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  • tbh it's probably considered abandonware at this point.

    you might try contacting corel at facebook (@corelpainter ) to remind them their users still have expectations for a properly working mobile painter app.

    maybe they'll come up with a way to sell their Bob Ross brushes via mobile microtransactions and will generously reanimate their shitty  crashing-ass code to pursue this way of scamming tablet users.

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