Cintiq vs iPad Pro

Currently I use the Wacom Intuos Pro, but considering an upgrade to Cintiq, but alternative would be to upgrade my iPad to Pro with Apple 2 pen. Not in a hurry as Intuos is fine and can wait for the recently announced Sidecar to pan out. I did notice that Apple failed to include the heavy hitters - Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop /Lightroom -  as programs that work but not certain what the generic "Painter" is they listed as they were more with other specifications, such as Corel Draw as opposed to simply 'draw'. A Sidecar competitor, Astropad among others has been around for a while so hopefully someone has used an iPad with Painter via Astropad. Is the iPad via Astropad (or potentially Sidecar) a viable competitor to Cintiq? The Cintiq vs Ipad reviews I see online never compare them appropriately. Invariably, they will review the iPad in terms of iPad apps and whine about can't compete with the full blown computer programs, rather than compare as an input device for a Mac as the Cintiq is an input device for a PC or Mac. Would like to know what your impressions are as theoretically see significant advantages of the iPad but question the performance in the workflow operations.

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  • I use an ipad pro on the go (as an ipad, not with astropad or whatever), and a cintiq pro for desktop use. Both are extremely good. For ipad, procreate has come a long way, but i highly suggest checking out clip studio paint. It is a subscription on the ipad, and I *hate* that, but it's only $25 for a year. So it's pretty cheap and they constantly update it. Anyway, I've tried as many major art programs on ipad as I could get my hands on, and nothing (yes, not even procreate or art studio pro or whatever) comes close to the power that clip studio pro. For example, using my 2nd gen ipad pro, procreate was unable to do a 3 ft x 2 ft canvas size. I had to reduce it down by a few inches on either side, and it didn't handle well. I tried it in many apps, and the ONLY one that worked was clip studio. Further, it worked very well. Many many layers. Given that this is really stressing the ipad beyond what is should be able to do - I was happy to see it crashed only 1 or 2 times. Pretty cool! You can export CSP files to PSD, or keep them in CSP and transfer to the desktop version if you have that to work on with the cintiq.

    Having said all that, I wish they had corel painter on ipad pro, but it'd have to be very well done to compete. We need more "real media" programs on ipad pro that do not come with adobe subscriptions.

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