Why is it so different?

SketchBook Pro and ArtRage are the same in both the desktop version and the Android version. SketchBook and ArtRage looks and behaves the same on both platforms, got nearly all brushes, the same brushes even! and some tools in both versions.

Not so in Painter Mobile. Corel made the Android version different in every way. I wonder why.

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  • Hi Stephen,

    Painter makes a difference for me, it is uniqe. The looks and the feel of the software and the brushes is Painter to me. I use it every day in my illustration work. I have done so for many years. Here is what my X3 looks like on my desktop computer. 

    This is the Android version. It is a different  UI. The icons are different and so on...

    If I compare the brushes, the feels, the functionality and even the names, they are different from the Painter desktop version.

    I use SketchBook Pro 7 on my desktop, on my Android and on my iPad. The program looks the same, works the same in many ways and got a lot of the brushes that are the same. I can easily use my tablet sketches on my desktop and continue use the sketch without any noticable difference in the looks.

    I use ArtRage on my desktop, on my Android and on my iPad. The program is basicly the same on all three platforms. Just like Sketchbook the looks of ArtRage tablet versions, the feels and the brushes are the same, behaves the same, got the same looks and can easily be transfered to the desktop with a consistent look of the painting. That is important.

    I understand that a desktop version and a tablet version are two different things. But the unique looks, functionality and most important; the brushes should be as close as can be. That way the Painter Mobile should act is like  a little sister or brother to the big software, trying to be as much like Painter as it can. 

    But of course, Painter Mobile can be just another thing with as little to do with the desktop version as possible. 

    But that is not that what I think. It does not make it enough Painter for me.