Surface Pro

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If you are using a Surface Pro, we would love to know about your experience with Painter?

All feedback received is much appreciated !

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  • UNUSABLE. I've had the new surface pro for about a month  and I've been trying to get corel painter 2018 to work on there for about the same amount of time. It lags, it freezes, it crashes and does so with such fury that it crashes the entire computer. I had one weird instance where it reacted by glitching out and spazzing lines all over the place. I've downloaded updates from corel and changed preferences and I've been talking to corel tech support for weeks and they can give me NOTHING. 

    I'm at my limit. It's worthless on this computer. There have been times where I can work on it almost perfectly for about half an hour (with only a little lag or short freeze that goes away), and in that time I can glimpse the beautiful alternate universe where everything works and it's wonderful. And then reality comes crashing in and I get the blue screen of death as corel crashes and my computer "encounters an issue" and shuts down, losing any work I was able to get done. 

    I bought the 2018 version of painter just for this computer because the other version I had didnt work with windows 10, and by God if it hasn't just been an expensive waste of my time. 

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