Hold To Erase

Hi! I'm pretty new to Painter, having come from using a decent amount of photoshop use. I am liking it, except I can't seem to figure out one issue I'm having. Is there a way to set up a hotkey so that I have the Eraser function in use only while I hold the key? I feel like I'm being held back by having to press the Erase key, do some erasing, then press the Brush key again to continue where I left off.

  • nope, this feature is not available in painter.

    if you are considering adding another tool to your workflow, clip studio paint does it out of the box - it has a temporary eraser that is only activated while you hold CMD (ctrl on windows, I think?)

    your best alternative in painter is pulling out an eraser brush variant into a custom palette (shift+drag -> pull out the brush from the brush selector), and switch between a painting brush and an erasing brush via the "recent brushes" palette that you can stack somewhere for easer access. this will also minimize the brush lag that was pretty noticeable when toggling between brush tool and N-key eraser tool last time I used a painter 2019 demo.

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