Trail-off brushes

Hi folks,

Does anyone know if there's a trail-off option for brushes in Corel Painter, other than Artists Oils?

I'd like to be able to manipulate the trail-off for dryer, scratchier brushes than the oils.

Many thanks,


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  • I think so Andrew, do you have a specific brush in mind?

    For example "Worn Square Pastel" in "Chalk, Pens and Pastels" has a nice trailoff.

    In fact, many of the brushes that use 'resat/bleed' can be setup to trail off. For example I just tried it with "Real Fat Chalk" using these steps:

    1. Opened the blending panel (Menu>Window>Brush Control Panels>Blending)

    2. Enabled "Enhanced layer blending"

    3. Enabled "Dryout to transparency"

    4. Reduced the dryout value (usually somewhere between 100-800 is a good starting point)