The palette knife and the paint tube look horrible

When I use the palette knife it looks like the paint is filled with lots of lines everywhere. In real painting this is not what it looks like. The paint is smooth with no lines. And in the new 2019 version when I use the paint tube for some dumb reason they put a horizontal line right in the middle of the paint. Once again in reality there is no line in the paint. Why Corel does these things is beyond me.

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  • Hi 357mag,

    Can you tell us the exact brush names you are using? For example I just tried Paint Tube from the "Thick Paint category" and there is a highlight of color in the middle of the brush, is this what you mean? In terms of palette knives, there are a few in the Thick Paint category and some have lines and others do not.

    Indeed some of these brushes could use improvements, and the good news is it's not hard to customize them. There are lots of examples of artists creating amazing artwork with thick paint that looks very realistic.

    Let us know which variants you are using (and want to use for your painting) and I'm sure a few of us here can help tune the settings to get a realistic look and feel.