Noting a serious lag - jumpiness in Catalina

Is anybody else on a Mac experiencing the same frustration as I am, in terms of a real jumpy, laggy performance when zooming, panning and rotating your artwork? Used to be smooth as silk before I upgraded to latest version of Catalina.

If any of you know of a solution - it’d be greatly appreciated if you shared that info!

Thanks in advance


    This video and the numbered rundown I sent to tech support will explain:

    PLEASE:  Watch this short video to clearly explain the degrade in performance from old Mac to New. Performance on old Mac is superior???

    Followup to ticket #616746 – the backstory:
    1. Painter 2019 notably had an extremely laggy behavior on new Mac versus old Mac. So I chatted with a Corel Support team member.
    2. That support person strongly advised me that I needed to upgrade to 2021, because 2019 was not comparable with Catalina – she argued this case, even when I told here that already running with Catalina on my old Mac.
    3. I upgraded with her strong insistence.
    4. So now, Painter 2021 ALSO has the same noticeable lag on my new Mac, and performs just fine on my old Mac! 
    5. Please empathize with my high frustration level, as I’m close to $5k in upgrades here, and I feel this to be a step back rather than forward!
    6. Preemtive measures already taken to remove this lag:
    • I’ve reset Painter to all factory default settings twice now
    • I’ve set all my iOS display settings to “still” (no dynamic display lighting, tones etc.)
    • I’ve made certain that absolutely no other applications were running
    7. Above, I aded the more comprehensive video to this ticket, to clearly show the contrast between my 
    old/new iMac capabilities, and how Painter 2021 performance (in terms of panning, zooming and 
    rotating the image), is much smoother on my old computer!
    8. Please understand that this downgrade in performance on latest version of Catalina is much more important to me than accelerated brush performance. The drawing/painting experience in Painter is now aggravating rather than enjoyable - as you’re less focused on creating, and more focused on 
          visually jarring performance.
    9. Thank you in advance for helping me understand how this obstacle can be resolved!
    Thx, Tom
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