Enhanced brush ghost customization (PS manner)


Is there any option to make Enhanced brush ghost mode more customizable?

What i mean by that is:

It is nearly useless to work with textures, shapes or other custom brushes if you don't see silhouette of it. 
Photoshop have this tiny feature for many years already. I am using Art pen tilt and rotate feature for this silhouette in the way i want to.
Current Enhanced brush ghosting comparing to this Silhouette method is weak and for me, personally, is 100% stopper to fit Painter into working pipeline. 
I've tried many years to use Painter instead of PS since it is way more powerful for artist in almost every aspect of CG. I want to see exact silhouette of my captured brush instead of iconic representation. From technical point of view, it is just a BW image as mouse cursor. No hard coding required.
Current Enhanced brush ghosting with cursor is just a pain.

Please, make this type of brush ghosting in Painter.

  • FWIW, if you change the icon display to just Brush Ghost, it does what you want. Enhanced Brush Ghost is meant to be more abstract before your start painting, so as to better indicate tilt, rotation, etc.

  • Like someone mentioned is ghost brush option. Also make sure thst the captured brush is in black. Sometimes grayscale brushes dont show a proper contour.

  • paintstorm studio has this feature done in a way you're describing, with additional tilt marker (when activated), and realtime rotation support for cursor when art pen is detected and set in preferences.

    there's less brush variety in paintstorm compared to painter, but if you alternate between both, for example, you might enjoy the combined experience.

    painter's enhanced brush ghosting lags, and generally speaking, corel haven't upgraded it in any sensible way since its debut in painter X.

    the "legacy" brush ghost mode in painter is what I use, but as  pointed out it's currently broken on low-opacity brushes, values below 50 % gray in RGB or so don't show up.