autoclone out of control!


I'm primarily a photographer and enjoy using Image hose which works fine, BUT not when I try to use it with Auto Clone.  I can't seem to have any control over it


Painter 2016 (15.10.740)
Mac OS 10.95
Processor 2.66 Ghz intel Core 2 Duo

-no stylus in use, just my mouse.

Using autoclone with image hose
    -can’t control size of nozzle images, it fills the document with images that are scaled from the very small to the quite large.  It doesn't matter what nozzle I use, whether mine or the pre-installed nozzles. 

I reset Painter to see if that would help (shift key and start up painter), but that didn't help.

Brush Control Panel:Cloning:
    Stroke Attributes: Size
    minimum size= 100%
    size jitter= 0%
    Clone Color
        Clone type= normal
    stroke jitter= 0.00

It would be nice to have some control; there's some stuff I'd like to try.

Thanks for you help,