Corel Painter 2020 in the current Humble Software Bundle + question

Humble Software Bundle: Be A Creative Superhero With Painter, CorelCAD, and CorelDRAW

Link to the bundle

Corel Painter 2020 is in the Third Tier, around €25.43 (you get what's listed under the first two tiers alongside the items listed under the Third Tier).


2019 is working well on my system, in that apart from a few minor things it pretty much does most things I want it to with no lag and no crashes. Is it still worth it to upgrade to 2020, or should someone like me just skip it? Any must-have QOL features you've liked enough to rec the upgrade?

Bundle contents:

*please note that some of the add-ons/plug-ins/brushpacks are only compatible with specific software, check the descriptions


First Tier:

AfterShot Standard

Second Tier:

PaintShop Pro 2020

Black & White High Key Script for PaintShop Pro

Color High Key Script for PaintShop Pro

Black & White Low Key Script for PaintShop Pro

Color Low Key Script for PaintShop Pro

ParticleShop + 11 Brush

Brush Pack 2 Smoke & Steam

Brush Pack Combustions

Third Tier:


Corel Painter® 2020

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020

Brush Pack - Mike Thompson

Brush Pack - Don Seegmiller

Brush Pack - Android Jones

Brush Pack - Creepers

Brush Pack - Inking

Brush Pack - Graphic Impact

Brush Pack - Sketch

Brush Pack - Starry Night

Brush Pack - Translucent

Brush Pack - Fantasy

Light Leak Scripts