Painter 2020/2021 Update

I have no idea where someone is normally supposed to see this, but Karen Bonaker posted in her Digital Art Academy:
The Painter team is pleased to announce that we have an update to the brush accelerator. Turn your attention to the Welcome Screen and the Performance option. 
How do I get the update?
Generally speaking, the update will arrive automatically for Painter 2020 and Painter 2021 when you are online. (Windows and Mac). Simply go Menu > Help > Welcome > Performance and you will see the changes! Note that if you go offline, the older report will show (which is expected).
What are the changes?
The goal of this update is to improve the clarity of the performance report based on the feedback from you and the Beta team.  The multiplier section is now broken into separate rows (so it’s easier to distinguish between CPU and GPU benefits) and the “Learn More about your results” is drastically overhauled. Make sure you scroll down to see the fresh instructional text!
What about my score, will it be any different? Do I need to re-run the test?
In a word, No… in fact, your score should be exactly the same as before the update, these changes only apply to the way the report communicates its information. That said, if you know of friends, colleagues, or students that have not yet run the test, now is a great time to do so! I encourage everyone to share results, so we can all gain insight into how your computing hardware can accelerate Painter.
What if I see an issue with the Brush Accelerator?
In the highly unlikely event the issue is critical (crash, corrupted graphics in the report, wrong score, etc.) then please report it to me ASAP…otherwise for minor or ongoing issues, please sit tight.
If you've disabled the Update Helper to get rid of the intrusive ads, I'm guessing this might take some additional steps to get the update.
  • I have ads disabled, and with no notice, update was installed about a week works.

    It was a very simple change to the reporting screen for "performance".  Now the horizontal bar graph results are on 3 bar lines vs. old on 1 line/bar.

    Makes it a bit easier to understand.

    A very minor change

    My current version is now:

  • The underpainting panel bug its gone, now it works everywhere and not only inside the default bug, i also noticed that the bug in the temporal color wheel with the eye dropper lag its fixed, also i started noticing performance fixes here and there, im really liking the update, need to do more tests.

  • Wait it was too good to be truth,. the update fixed no bugs, im not sure what it fixed either.