Corel 2021 Crashes When Making Tessellation

Just what it says on the tin - any time I try to make a tessellation mosaic with more than 3000 tiles, the entire program dies. I have no issue doing anything else in Corel, or on my computer in general, but this seems like too much for it to handle. Is there any way I can get it to handle this? I need to make these for an ancient Roman art history class, and if I can't get it to work I will have to draw all the 3000+ tiles by hand for several dozen mosaics. 

  • I'd suggest you try again after restarting your PC and run nothing else except Painter and see if it still has a problem.

    If so, investigate RAM and disk usage...for example run Painter tessellation while Task Manager is open. Or go check Windows Reliability and check for any reported errors. (hit windows key, then start typing reliability, then click on view Reliability history button at top, review the Reliability Monitor info)