Hello community - Brush for youtube link and XP-Pen setup

Hi all, I've just purchased Corel Painter today and looking for a little guidance and help with config.

First off I use a pen display called XP-Pen 22E pro.

Does anyone have a button config setup that they would be willing to display here for me to use with my display.

Secondly , can anyone recommend a set of brushes to create this (link) as a little test for myself. Purchase of brushes is not a problem but please post a link assuming that the below video can actually be done on Corel, I have no doubt that it can :)


Many thanks and I look forward to chatting in the future to you all


  • I'm afraid I don't know much about the XP Pen tablets, so I can't help much with that. Personally, for my Intuos3, I basically have the buttons set to the default Control, Alt, and Shift for easy changing of brush parameters, and the pen buttons set to right-click, double-click (which I never use) and erase (for the eraser).

    For that sort of painting, it's not quite the same thing in Painter due the brush shape generally being a bit more fixed, or at least less changed by movement of the brush reshaping it, but Duane Wooter's Udemy course (it's trivial to find a coupon that lets you get it for $12) comes with brushes and walks you through some landscapes that use a similar tree, as does Aaron Rutten's Landscape course (although, for better or for worse, most of his brushes are basically default ones from Painter several years ago, albeit in a custom workspace that organizes things nicely). My experience has been that most online tutorials for doing that sort of tree does it with either custom dabs or image hoses to get the shape of the branches rather than a brush that replicates it from parameters. There's also Karen Bonnaker's Mystic Mountain tutorial, but it calls out brushes that Corel no longer sells (and which cost over $25 on Karen's site, $100 for the whole Bob Ross set).

    Lastly, while it's not always easy to do initially, one of the dirty secrets of Core Painter is that you can make all of the brushes you want on your own. All of the parameters are there, even for the "premium" brushes, with creating custom dabs and image hoses maybe being one of the harder ones to just do on your own (they're not hard to make, but they have more custom content that needs to be built).