Where doe Corel Painter 2021 save Layouts - what folder?

Painter 2021 started freezing on me this morning.  The first time this has happened to me.  When I closed and reopened the program it opened blank screen with only the top menu bar (File - Edit, etc) showing.  When I went to Window>Layout>Import and clicked on my saved layout called Cintiq 22 it opened it but all my custom palettes were blank and inside the Organizer they were all missing.

I restarted Painter and the same thing happened.  So I did a cold boot of the computer but that did not help either.

I then did a "repair" of the program but that also did nothing.

So I tried the old holding the "Shift" key while opening the program and told it to hold all my customizations...but it opened a totally initialized and default Painter.  No custom palettes and even my saved Cintiq 22 Layout was gone.  So I am now having to start customizing everything once more.

I would like to know where Corel saves the "Layout," in what folder on the computer?

While I am here I have noticed one other quirk.  When I create a new custom palette using the "Add Command" it sets the new palette on my default 4k monitor and not on my Cintiq 22 monitor.  That is not a problem except for the fact that when I go to drag the palette into the Cintiq 22 screen it won't leave the 4k monitor.  I have to actually drag the main Painter screen partially onto the 4k monitor.  Then I can drag the custom palette onto the Cintiq 22 screen but it freezes at the edge of the monitor screen.  When I then drag the main Painter screen back down into the Cintiq monitor I can only then drag the custom palette to where I want it placed.  Pretty convoluted and time-wasting process.  Must be a bug in the software.

I have the Cintiq set as monitor 2.  I could probably set it as monitor 1 but I don't want to use the lower res Cintiq 22 for anything other than my graphics programs where I use the stylus and when I set it as monitor 1 it messes up my desktop icon arrangement.

Thanks for any helpful information on these topics.