Painter 2022 Installed Newly Purchased Brushes in Painter 2019 Brushes folder

I just upgraded to Painter 2022 and bought some new brush packs.  They got installed in both Painter 2019\Painter 19 Brushes AND Painter 2022\Painter 22 Brushes.  Does anybody know why?  I haven't uninstalled Painter 2019 yet. Could that be the reason?

  • Wow! Since I just bought and downloaded from Corel yesterday, and installed a new brush pack, I checked.

    Installed into P22 as expected. Just now checked and it also installed into P21 and P20.  Never saw that behavior before...seems like a change. And to me a bug.

    But I can confirm my win10 PC did same as yours.


  • As far as I know, whenever you purchase brush packs through the Welcomebook they are installed to every compatible version of Painter installed on your machine. I think it's intended to be for convenience, but perhaps in your case that wasn't so. Either way that's what I know...hopefully there was some way around it for you, Sandman.

  • Just as added info... If you go to the Painter xx default library, you will find you can't delete or uninstall any categories; including the newly purchased and downloaded and installed by Corel .exe.

    Of course that doesn't work for me. I keep the Pxx default library as simple and default as possible. I make other new.brushlibraries for various other brushes and brush categories...I probably have a dozen or more but only load the ones I need; to keep Painter startup as fast as possible. Regardless, my P22 current .pws file is approx 18MB. P21 with all the old painter brush libraries was over 1GB.

    First, create/export a copy of your current workspace.pws to save as a backup....PS you can open it as a .zip type if you need to extract files/folders to manually insert can do same for older such as P19 to get those files/folders to manually install into P22 for example)

    So, for me, I export the newly installed (by Corel, purchased brush category .exe) and save it on my SSD or HDD. I then either create a new brush library (for example purchased brushes.brushlibrary and add/import the newly purchased brush category and verify it works OK.

    Then close Painter. Go to (PC) appdata, corel, painterxxx, current .pws folder, brushes, Painterxx and delete the undesired new brushcategory folder and any associated .jpg for that category. Got to C:/programs, corel, Painterxx , brushes, Pxx brushes, and do same deletes. This removes the otherwise unremoveable brush category from the Painterxx default library.

    Start/open Painter...check your brush libraries and they should be organized as you like them. Save a new .pws and export same to your ssd or hdd as backup.

    If any questions, just post here.