Is there a way to make brush packs bought through the website show up in the "get content" menu in the app?

The problem: If you purchase bush packs through the corel website those packs don't show as "installed" inside the "get content" menu. They are installed and fully usable in the brush library. But not having them show up in that get content list makes it hard to remember what packs have been purchased and what have not.  Since the website and the app itself can have different sales running it's likely that a person would be buying from both of them at some point.

I've already contacted support and they have no clue! It took me 8 tries of explaining just to get them to understand what I was talking about. :C  Then they ended the ticket by reiterating the exact thing that I had just been trying to explain to them without trying to help at all. O___O 

Does anyone know where I can find the files that define what brush backs show as installed with in the get-content menu?  I have been poking around in the subfolders but haven't found it yet.


  • I would like to know the answer to this as well. I've tried reinstalling my 2016 brush pack and it only gives me the option of installing to Painter 2016 - despite that when I bought the pack it said compatible with 2016+
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