Only some of the brushes work in Painter essentials 6

I have a new Intuos tablet which came with Corel Painter Essentials 6.  From the beginning, I have been unable to use between 40-60% of the brushes.  I am on a Imac and have reinstalled the Wacom driver, reinstalled the painter software, used a test user profile and followed every suggestion of the Corel tech support to no avail.  At best, I have occasionally been able to get the problem brushes to work for a few minutes, but then they quit (usually after trying to change the color.  Is this a Corel issue or a Wacom issue or both?  Any ideas?

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  • A question for you, Maureen--do the brushes paint as expected with the mouse? If the majority of brushes are painting with the mouse, but not with your stylus it will help narrow the problem a bit.

    A couple years ago I had an issue with many brushes not painting--turns out the stylus tip wore very quickly and was not transmitting pressure through to the brushes. I replaced the tip and all was well again!

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